Looking back into time, CKI began as a Kiwanis club service project to provide an opportunity for capable, ambitious, and worthy young men to acquire a college education by assisting them, where necessary, with their financial problems; by means of a scholarship fund, if available, or securing part-time employment. Additionally, affording its members a useful training in the social graces of a well-rounded personality was a focus area for CKI. Soon after the concept of CKI was recognized and accepted, the element of community service was introduced to CKI, thus creating an appealing outlet for collegians around the globe.

Today, as the largest collegiate service organization, CKI boasts a membership of more than 13,000 collegians on nearly 550 campuses worldwide. CKI is a student-led organization with an International Board of Trustees elected by its membership each year. Embodied by its tenets of leadership, fellowship, and service at the club, district, and International levels, CKI continues to grow through service tot he world’s campuses and communities.

Circle K International has grown tremendously over the past 40 years, sometimes in spirit, sometimes in members, and still other times in service to the community. Circle K International is continuing to move toward ever-increasing service and leadership development as well as providing fellowship and personal growth to the members. Though history provides a good foundation from which to view achievements and obstacles, Circle K International must connect the organization’s mission with tomorrow’s college students and tomorrow’s student organizations to envision the possibilities for the organization and realize its dream of creating a better world in which to live.

Circle K Timeline

1936: Circle K concept presented at the collegiate level at Washington State University.

1947: First CKI Club chartered at Carthage College, Illinois.

1949: CKI becomes an International organization with the chartering of a club at the University of Western Ontario.

1953: Kenneth B. Creasy of Ohio Wesleyan University elected as President of CKI.

1955: CKI Constitution and Bylaws adopted.

1957: Texas-Oklahoma becomes first district of CKI.

1971: Women welcomed into CKI.

1982: CKI memberships surpasses 14,500 members.

1999: CKI leadership dedicates year as the Year of Service.

2000: Members of CKI surpass the $420,000 mark in the effort to eliminate iodine deficiency disorders.

2005: Marks the 50th Anniversary of CKI.

2007: CKI announces its international fundraiser, Saving Lives: The Six Cents Initiative, which focuses on getting clean water to children who need it most.

Past Governors of Indiana District

1961-1962 David Wright, Indiana State University

1962-1963 David Harp, Anderson College

1963-1964 Donald Blom, Indiana State College

1964-1965 Warren Hickman, Manchester College

1965-1966 Bruce Landis, Earlham College

1966-1967 James McMahan, Indiana University

1967-1968 John Councellor, Tri-State College

1968-1969 John Councellor, Tri-State College

1969 Brent Zumbrun (r), Manchester College

1969-1970 Albert Schreiber (a), Tri-State College

1970-1971 Kenneth Scott, IPFW

1971-1972 Robert Thompson, Indiana Central College

1972-1973 Kerry Umber, Indiana University

1973-1974 Daniel Gehres, Manchester College

1974-1975 David Landon, Manchester College

1975-1976 Thomas Schnellenberger, University of Notre Dame

1976-1977 Michael Katafiasz, Tri-State College

1977-1978 Timothy G. Pickart, Purdue University

1978-1979 Cathleen A. Black, Purdue-North Central

1979-1980 Ralph A. Lowerthal, Indiana University

1980-1981 Thomas Moran, Indiana University

1981-1982 Mark L. Shaw, Purdue University

1982-1983 John R. Easley, Purdue University

1983 Kevin E. France (r), Calumet College

1983-1984 Mark L. Shaw (a), Purdue University

1984-1985 Flora J. Baltrus, Calumet College

1985-1986 K. Scott Bicha, University of Notre Dame

1986-1987 Judine Wood, Valparaiso University

1987-1988 Monica Kline, Indiana University

1988-1989 Salisa Taylor, Purdue University

1989-1990 Brad Stone, Rose-Hulman IT

1990-1991 Lisa McIntyre, Ball State University

1991 Becky Bjerke (r), Indiana University

1991-1992 Diane Bradley (a), University of Indianapolis

1992-1993 Sandy Herre, University of Indianapolis

1993-1994 Amy Johnson, University of Indianapolis

1994-1995 Kim Gropp, Saint Mary’s College

1995-1996 Katie Polk, University of Indianapolis

1996-1997 Margaret Dowell, Purdue University

1997-1998 William Hayes, Purdue University

1998-1999 Barb Fox, University of Indianapolis

1999-2000 Jesus Morales, University of Notre Dame

2000-2001 Cindy Brigham Indiana University

2001-2002 Bryce Clark, Rose-Hulman IT

2002-2003 Eric Kelley, Purdue University

2003-2004 Melissa Schmidt, Indiana University

2004-2005 Stephen Weathers, Butler University

2005-2006 Megan Niehaus, Ball State University

2006-2007 Zachary Davis, Indiana University

2007-2008 Sheremy Cabera, University of Notre Dame

2008-2009 Timothy Pritchett, Purdue University

2009-2010 Mackenzie Pearson, University of Indianapolis

2010-2011 Becky Wilson, Purdue University

2011-2012 Erin Coates, Indiana University

2012-2013 Kelsey Gower, Manchester University

2013-2014 Mak Hozo, Indiana University

2014-2015 Kathryn Orr, Purdue North Central

2015-2016 Shayna Cole, Ball State University  

2016-2017 Sally Finkel, Purdue University

2017-2018 Danielle Cook, Ball State University