What is the District Board?

The District Board is the elected governing body for the Indiana District of Circle K. Elections are held every year during District Convention. All officers are college students whom are also members of good standing. If you are showing interest in running for office, please email the current officer with any questions you may have.

The 2016-17 District Board Members

District Governor Danielle Cook, governor@indianacirclek.org
District Secretary Preston Carson, secretary@indianacirclek.org
District Bulletin Editor and Electronic Publicist (BEEP) Annie Nguyen,  beep@indianacirclek.org
District Treasurer  Michaela Helm, treasurer@indianacirclek.org
Northern Plains Lieutenant Governor (LTG) Andrew Michael, northernplainsltg@indianacirclek.org
Lake Region Lieutenant Governor (LTG) Anthony Williams, lakeregionltg@indianacirclek.org
Metro Fields Lieutenant Governor (LTG) Clara Starkey, metrofieldsltg@indianacirclek.org
River Valley Lieutenant Governor N/A
Events Chair 1 Lena Nguyen, events01@indianacirclek.org
Events Chair 2 Jessica James, events02@indianacirclek.org
Events Chair 3 Candice Kreuzman, events03@indianacirclek.org
Governor’s Project Chair Alyssha Cloud, govproject@indianacirclek.org
Kiwanis Family Relations Chair Ashley Booe, kiwanis-family@indianacirclek.org
District Administrator Toree Peters, district-adminstrator@indianacirclek.org
District Assistant Administrator Jim Wruck, assistantadmin01@indianacirclek.org

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