The International Board is made of International President, Vice President, and 8 Sub- Region trustees. The International Board is responsible for upholding the objects and tenants of Circle K at an International level. They do this through creating committees and subcommittees to address the needs of Circle K International. The International Vice President also prepares a CKI Weekly which is a weekly newsletter all about the happenings in CKI. The trustees are another layer of resource. While the trustees work the most with the governor’s in their sub-regions, sub-region trustees have a wealth of knowledge to give to any CKI member. INCKI is a member Sub-region C. But what exactly is a sub-region? A sub-region is just a fancy way of saying a group of districts. However, these sub-regions are more than that. In Sub-C it’s all about the love and the handspoon!  Let’s meet the 2014-2015 Circle K International Board!


Read more about who this years International officers on the International Board page.

Below is a map of each of the subregions that make up Circle K International: