Running an international organization has its costs, and that includes a District per-member fee. For the 2014-2015 year ending September 30th, 2015*, this Indiana District fee is $8 for each member in the Membership Update Center (MUC), in addition to a Circle K International per club fee. Expect total dues to be approximately $10-30 per member depending on club membership Рa club with 100 members only has to pay $12.50 or $14 per member. Per member fees and MUC invoices are to be submitted by November 30th of each year, but additional members may still join throughout the year with the submission of an additional invoice. If your club does not submit fees before December, it is at risk of losing the ability to have its members attend district and international events, vote at conventions, and even have its charter revoked! However, contact the District Treasurer at for extenuating circumstances or for general questions. Clubs that submit fees early for at least 10 or 15 members receive special awards at District Convention! For a broad overview of the dues submission process, check out our recorded webinars!

*All dues submissions starting September 1st, 2014, are for membership during the 2014-2015 Circle K fiscal year starting October 1st, 2014 and ending September 30th, 2015. Note that clubs should submit dues for at least 15 (or 10 for campus with enrollments less than 1,000 students, and community colleges) members to remain in good standing. International dues are $600 per club for four-year institutions of over 5,000 students, $450 per club for smaller four-year institutions, and $300 per club for two-year institutions. The Circle K International website has more information about International fees.

What do district dues pay for?

Only approximately half of Indiana District’s budget income comes from your district dues – the other half comes from generously donated funds from Kiwanis clubs throughout Indiana. Below is the expenditure breakdown. For example, about $1.40 of your dues sponsors district board members visiting clubs and district events – don’t be afraid to ask for a visit from your Lieutenant Governor representative!

INCKI Budget 2013-2014