Distinguished District 2013-2014-2015-2016

Monthly Report Forms

A Monthly Report Form (MRF) is a report sent by club officers to the district. By completing your MRF’s on time for your club, you allow us to see how your club is doing so we can provide support and resources and let us tell the International Board how our district is doing as a whole. Monthly Report Forms are due five days after each month ends.

Over the summer, only president MRFs were due, but for the rest of the year, please submit ALL MRFs over your entire club activity this summer, especially for service hours and Kiwanis family events that took place. All of the MRFs are now complied into one simple document, but still allow for each officer to complete on their own time for their own positions.

If you have questions on submitting your MRF contact your Lt. Governor as soon as possible.


MRF’s are due by the 5th day of the following month at 11:59pm. Please follow the deadline schedule for reporting your officer and service hour MRF’s:


January’s MRF is due February 5 at 11:59pm EST
February’s MRF is due March 5
March’s MRF is due April 5
April’s MRF is due May 5

Here is a link to the Service Hour Tracker. Clubs can use this as a resource to document their service hours. Club Secretaries or Club Service hour reporters MUST STILL SUBMIT A MRF. The hours recorded here are for club use only and are not officially submitted in this document.

Service Hour Tracker

If you have any questions contact District Secretary Madeleine Robling at secretary@indianacirclek.org.